How do you know if your sales organization is producing at an optimal level or if your performance could be greatly enhanced? Do you have the right people, are they doing the right things, and are they efficient and effective at what they are doing? The way to obtain an objective answer to the above questions is the MRP Consulting, LLC S.P.O.T. Check.

The S.P.O.T. Check diagnostic assessment is the MRP Consulting, LLC proprietary methodology for conducting a quick, but comprehensive, assessment of your organizations revenue production capabilities. We look at your overall Strategy, Processes, Organization and Talent to determine if all of your sales process components are strong individually and, more importantly, if they are properly aligned for peak performance.

The S.P.O.T. Check assessment involves experienced MRP Consulting, LLC professionals collecting information about the performance of your revenue production personnel and processes, and the subsequent support systems that must be in alignment.Our consultants also interview key executives, line managers, and other important personnel to validate and gain additional insight into the data collected.These interviews also provide a first hand glimpse of how the organization actually operates.

The output from the S.P.O.T. Check diagnostic assessment is a report to executive management including:

  • The status of the key components of your revenue production capabilities,
  • The degree of alignment of your components to produce peak performance, and
  • Recommended solutions for improving your performance.


There are many strategic elements that must be in alignment and properly executed to increase and sustain revenues.Every organization should have a Mission, a Vision and Core Values that identify the organization’s purpose for existence and define its basic business strategy.The business strategy should identify specific, measurable objectives to gauge performance.These objectives should be defined, communicated to the organization and internalized by each individual in a way that is meaningful to them personally.This will ensure that personal behavior is aligned with the corporate purpose.The elements that need to be aligned include, Marketing Strategy, Sales Strategy, and Human Resources Strategies.

Marketing Strategy – Within the context of the company Business Strategy, each organization must select an appropriate approach to the market for each revenue stream.What is our target market?What are the strengths of our brand and how can they be leveraged to gain access to our target market?What are we counting on to win?How are we pre-conditioning the market to our company and our solutions?

Sales Strategy – Once a target market has been identified, how do we engage our organization with the prospective customers?Who do we call on?How do we know what they need and what they will buy? How can we create demand for our products and services?How do we generate political support for our solutions?How are we differentiating ourselves from the competition to win business?

Human Resources Strategy – What skills, capabilities and attributes are required to execute the above strategies and achieve success?Will we acquire the talent having the proficiencies that we need?Will we develop it?How will we determine the performance level of our people?What is our approach to developing skill deficiencies?How will we provide the coaching to reinforce the desired behaviors of our sales people and their managers?What will we do with people who do not possess the attributes and skills to be successful in the jobs that they are in?


Once the strategic elements are aligned, you must focus on the processes that need to be in place to implement the strategy and increase focus, efficiency and effectiveness.These processes include:

  • Lead qualification,
  • Territory and account management,
  • Pipeline management and forecasting,
  • Account and opportunity review,
  • Opportunity tracking,
  • Assignment of resources,
  • Selection of appropriate personnel,
  • Performance management: organizational, team and individual, and
  • Compensation and incentives.


Once strategies are defined and processes are established, the organization must be properly configured to effectively implement and execute.Proper configuration includes identification of the roles and responsibilities of:

  • Executive Management,
  • Marketing and Product Management,
  • Sales,
  • Sales Support,
  • Sales Management,
  • Operations,
  • Human Resources,
  • Training and Skills Development, and
  • Finance and Legal.

In addition to the proper configuration, the organization must also ensure the proper environment and culture to support the aligned strategies, processes and personnel or talent.


Once the Strategy has been defined, processes aligned, and the organization has been properly configured, the organization needs people who are qualified to represent the organization as the strategy and structure dictates.Each job in the organization is designed to accomplish specific objectives.For each job, the successful employee will possess sales personality and character traits matched to the job requirements.These attributes should be incorporated into the hiring and selection criteria.

Likewise, the successful employee will possess sales skills and competencies.An assessment of the competencies of the sales force will enable an organization to identify competency gaps which can be used to design training and reinforcement programs to help improve sales performance and achieve desired results.

A cursory assessment of the competency levels of the sales force will be developed during the MRP Consulting, LLC S.P.O.T. Check.If this is an area where improvements are required, a more comprehensive individual assessment will be recommended.


The S.P.O.T. Check assessment is a quick, but comprehensive diagnostic. Once performance and infrastructure data have been collected, and the interviews have been conducted the MRP Consulting, LLC team will deliver:

Diagnostic results – We will present you with a snapshot from our diagnostic assessment that shows how your organization is performing with regard to revenue generation. We will graphically show you where you are doing well and where you have opportunities to increase performance.

Interpretations/Observations – based on our years of experience working with high performance sales organizations and implementing sustainable change, we will interpret the results of the assessment and share these insights with executive management.

Recommendations – Based on our change-management expertise, MRP Consulting, LLC will recommend an approach for implementing sustainable changes designed to improve and sustain revenue production for your organization.

Value Assessment – Based on our knowledge and experience, we will estimate the value and impact to your organization of implementing the recommended changes. (i.e., What are the additional revenue and profits we could achieve if our sales strategy, processes, organization and talent were properly aligned?)