Customer Service Profile measures the competencies and behavioral traits that foster great customer service. It helps you identify candidates with superior customer service skills as well as train and coach existing employees to greater success.

The Customer Service Profile looks at six key behavioral traits important for customer service (conformity, flexibility, empathy, focus, trust and tact) as well as basic proficiencies in vocabulary and mathematics. It also reports an individual’s perspective on serving the customer and how it aligns with your company’s perspective.

The reports include a Placement Report, Individual Report, Coaching Report, and the Company Perspective Comparison Report which compares your company’s perspective on providing customer service with the perspective typically found for those in your industry. The Placement Report also includes the Overall Job Match Percent for each applicant when they are matched with the Customer Service Job Match Pattern (or benchmark) for your company.

The Company Perspective Comparison Report

The Company Perspective Comparison Report compares your company’s perspective on providing customer service with the perspective typically found for those in your industry.

Profiles Customer Service Profile helps you select employees with critical customer service skills that enhance the reputation of your organization and help establish and maintain the kind of customer-oriented culture your industry demands.

Three Customer Service Profile Assessment Reports


  1. Placement Report-
    The Customer Service Profile Placement Report has a Job Match Percentage that tells you how well job candidates measure up to your customer service standards and the degree of alignment between their customer service perspective and the specific expectations of your company. 

    The placement report also has “Considerations for Interviewing.” Whenever a job candidate’s score misses your customized Job Match Pattern, his or her report suggests interview questions to stimulate conversation regarding the issue in question. This usually results in a better understanding of the company’s customer service position and effectively communicates the company’s expectations and policies.

  2. Coaching Report –
    The Customer Service Profile Coaching Report identifies the areas where individualized training and coaching will effectively instill the customer service attitudes you want in all of your employees.
  3. Individual Report –
    The Customer Service Profile Individual Report helps employees increase their awareness of the behavioral traits important to customer service and where they scored on each trait. It is a tool that helps employees improve and deliver the kind of customer service that contributes to the success of your business.
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