Improving Human Performance in
Business and Sales Strategies

MRP Consulting, LLC helps companies create world-class sales organizations. We use the Total Company Impact model as an effective guideline for designing and implementing sales strategies to affect real company organizational change resulting in year-to-year revenue gains.

The Total Company Impact model is an effective leadership performance improvement matrix that we use as the starting point to assess the capability of sales teams and personnel, and to design change processes for migrating traditional sales organizations into world-class performers.
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What We Offer to Help Further Develop Sales Skills:

Sales Map WorkshopA two-day planning session for sales professionals, the Sales Map Workshop is the heart of our approach. Working in teams, your sales people develop a strategic sales plan to win important
opportunities or grow key accounts.
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Sales Map SoftwareThe Sales Map Software is the tool for everyday use of the Sales Map method. All content from the Sales Map Workshop is built in. Users can create full plans for major, new, business development
opportunities or Quick Plans that take
about half an hour to produce.
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Sales Map Must-Win SessionThe Sales Map Must-Win Session is a one-day planning session focused on a single must-win sales opportunity. Participants use the Sales Map method to create a comprehensive, action-oriented
sales strategy to win the business.
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Sales Map ServicesWe can easily customize our software and materials to make the Sales Map method closely reflect your real-world sales environment. We also offer change management clinics, follow-on
coaching and leader training.
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The Sales Map Products are provided in partnership with Anatolia Group LLC

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