MRP Consulting, LLC is a performance improvement practice specializing in the design, installation, and execution of revenue generating processes. Since 1999, we have helped our partners increase their sales and profits by addressing their people related challenges.

When revenues stall or decline, it isn’t enough to simply fix the sales organization. Implementation of a solution, focused solely on Sales, may generate initial increases in revenues. However, failure to fully support change through alignment of business strategy, organizational processes, culture and personnel will yield short term, superficial benefits at best. Sustained revenue growth requires the collaboration of functional groups across the entire organization. Selecting the right people and enabling them with the proper know how, context, and tools allows businesses to achieve sustainable revenue goals.

We help companies create world-class sales organizations! Our Total Company Impact model is an effective guideline for designing and implementing strategies to effect real organizational change resulting in year-to-year revenue gains.

Our Services…

  • Are custom designed and based on our partner’s:
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Methodologies
  • Processes
  • Are collaborative, adult learning based and immediately usable.
  • Are seamlessly integrated and aligned with our partners current systems and processes.
  • Are World-class, Validated and Cost Effective
  • Include workshops that are designed to facilitate:
    • Pre-work screening
    • Context discussion
    • Teamwork Exercises
    • “What will you do differently tomorrow” takeaways
    • Are built in 2 – 4 hour segments.