What can CheckPoint 360 do for me?

The CheckPoint 360 online assessment measures management competencies by gathering feedback from self, boss, direct reports, and peer reference groups.

What is CheckPoint 360?

The assessment consists of 70 interview questions about specific management behaviors resulting in a full picture of your manager’s capabilities spanning 8 Management Competencies and 18 skill sets.

CheckPoint 360 Provides Valuable Insight into Management Skill Sets – CheckPoint 360 reports are designed to appeal to diverse learning styles using color coding, call outs, such as flags and arrows and colorful graphs and charts, to direct the participant to the most critical information.

  • Executive Overview provides a high level overview of the 8 Management Competencies, comparing the self score with the average score of all reference groups. The report ranks scores within, above, or below the Favorable Zone, which is an indicator of strong management capability.
  • Skill Set Analysis provides detailed analysis of 18 Skill Sets comparing the self score against the average scores of all reference groups. The report identifies a manager’s talents, areas needing focus, and areas where a significant gap exists between self and reference group perceptions.
  • Skill Set Alignment prioritizes and analyzes 6 Skill Sets considered critical to self and boss and identifies talents, focus areas, and skill perception gaps.
    Reference Group Comparison provides a detailed analysis of the 18 Skill Sets across all reference groups.
  • Survey Summary provides detailed results for all 70 survey items across all reference groups highlighting areas which impact Critical Skill Sets and identifies areas with a lack of consensus across reference groups.
  • Development Summary pinpoints strengths to build upon and critical development areas for the 18 Skill Sets, including narrative descriptions of the results to help the manager read, understand, and effectively use the data for self-development. The results provide the baseline for your individual development plan in the CheckPoint SkillBuilder Series.

CheckPoint 360 measures 8 Management Competencies and 18 Skill Sets, including:

1. Listens to others
2. Processes information
3. Communicates effectively

4. Instills trust
5. Provides direction
6. Delegates responsibility

7. Adjusts to circumstances
8. Thinks creatively

9. Builds personal relationships
10. Facilitates team success

Task Management
11. Works efficiently
12. Works competently

13. Takes action
14. Achieves results

Development of Others
15. Cultivates individual talents
16. Motivates successfully

Personal Development
17. Displays commitment
18. Seeks improvement

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