Sales Map SoftwareThe Sales Map Software is the tool
for everyday use of the Sales Map
method for creating comprehensive
sales plans.

All relevant material from the Sales Map Guidebook is built in, including custom content. Fully scalable, the software allows users to create a comprehensive sales plan, or a quick sales strategy that can be completed in about half an hour. Uncluttered and easily navigated, the software allows your sales people to get an up and running sales strategy with little or no orientation.

Two Editions to Help Bolster Your Sales Strategies

Standard Edition

The Standard Edition of the Sales Map Software exactly mirrors the entire Sales Map method. While this edition is essentially “stand-alone” in nature, users have many options for sharing information, including the ability to e-mail sales plans and customer profiles. Users also can generate and send plan summaries, PowerPoint presentations, and portfolio roll-ups in Excel format, making it easy to spread your effective sales strategies throughout the company.

Enterprise Edition

If your enterprise includes a CRM system such as, Oracle, Siebel or SAP, we can work with you to integrate the Sales Map Software into your environment. We have the capability, resources and partnerships to provide whatever level of integration you are looking for – from an occasional one-way data export to the full integration of the Sales Map method into your CRM.

Benefits of integration include:

  • A streamlined end-user experience
  • Full multi-user capabilities
  • Rich reports that consolidate information from both Sales Map and your CRM

The Sales Map Software is provided in partnership with Anatolia Group LLC
Copyright © 2008, Anatolia Group LLC

Next Steps

The Quick Plan Report, shown here, summarizes the entire sales plan in one page, with action items on the back. View Sample Quick Plan