PXT and Productivity

April 29th, 2011 by Michael Page

When four sales associates out produce their colleagues by more than 2 to 1 in annual sales dollars,
what do you do?

A medical device distribution organization dealt with this question by using sales figures to rate their top
salespeople, and then by using the ProfileXT to discover the traits of those people so that their success could spread to others.


The company’s sales figures revealed widely varying levels of success. Reports showed that 4 of 10 sales
associates averaged $668,762 in annual sales. The other six averaged $315,935 in annual sales. Leaders
decided that the ProfileXT could aid in candidate screening, so they embarked on a study that would
examine the relationship between sales associate performance and PXT scores.

All 10 medical device sales associates participated by completing the PXT while the organization’s managers evaluated each associate’s performance. The organization used the annual sales information to identify the top- and bottom- performing associates.

Job Match Pattern

Managers developed a Job Match Pattern for the sales associate position using the 10 associates’ PXT scores. This pattern now serves as the benchmark to which future candidates may be matched.

Using the sales data, Profiles helped the organization build a pattern to describe the traits of the top performing associates. Next, the 10 associates were matched to the pattern. A review of the results showed that an overall Job Match Percent of 90 or greater was the best identifier of top- performing associates.

All 4 of the top-performing sales associates in the sample met or exceeded the 90% break point. None of the bottom-performing associates scored 90% or better.


Equipped with the ability to better screen sales associate candidates, this medical device distribution organization could more than double its sales revenue simply by selecting the candidates who possess traits similar to those already successful in the position. The well-matched sales associate candidates are also more likely to enjoy success because each is a good fit to the position.

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